Ray Wanderer (madmanraj) wrote in tablarassa,
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Purpose of life?

Thousand times at the least, I have toyed with the question as to Who am I?

I am not the body, for it has to go away one day.
I am not the mind, for its to do with my unique pattern of thinking and habbits.

Am I the consciousness? the is'ness, the thing beyond the relams of expression by any language.

Second question, Why am I here? What is the purpose?
I look at my life, the way it has been,sometimes I look at the whole century, I even go one thousand years in the reverse direction.

I have no clear cut answers.The fog remains....

I really wish I could percieve my birth vision & the world vision.

Thats why I call myself a wanderer in search of self who believes that things are getting better in the world admist all the noise and confusion.
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