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Art tells gorgeous lies that come true

The end is near
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I am sure that if you are here reading this, it is because you feel
that the modernity's of life are asphyxiating some of the more human and
spiritually rich parts of life.

  • If you think that things could be better on earth

  • If you think intelligent discourse produces synergistic effects

  • If you think at all

  • If you think

Then join the community, teach us, learn from us and spread the word.

  • The only requirement is thought (Come Religious, come atheist, come
    philosopher, come thinker, come the strong, come the hurt, come any one who
    has an intelligent opinion)


AS LONG AS NO Stalin breathes down our necks, why not make some art in
the service of...an intellectual insurrection?


  • Never mind if you think it's "impossible." What else can we hope
    to attain but the "impossible"?

  • Should we wait for someone else to reveal our true desires?

    If art has died, or the audience has withered away, then we find ourselves
    free of two dead weights.

  • Potentially, everyone is now some kind of artist--&

  • potentially every audience has regained its innocence, its ability to
    become the art that it experiences.

    Provided we can escape from the museums we carry around inside us, provided
    we can stop selling ourselves tickets to the galleries in our own skulls, we
    can begin to contemplate an art which re-creates the goal of the sorcerer:
    changing the structure of reality by the manipulation of living symbols (in
    this case, the images we've been "given" by the organizers of this
    salon--murder, war, famine, & greed)

    We might now contemplate aesthetic actions which possess some of the
    resonance of terrorism (or "cruelty," as Artaud put it) aimed at the
    destruction of abstractions rather than people, at liberation rather than
    power, pleasure rather than profit, joy rather than fear. "Poetic
    Terrorism." Our chosen images have the potency of darkness--but all images
    are masks, & behind these masks lie energies we can turn toward light &

    A conspiracy of artists, anonymous as any mad bombers, but aimed toward an
    act of gratuitous generosity rather than violence--at the millennium rather
    than the apocalypse--or rather, aimed at a present moment of aesthetic shock
    in the service of realization & liberation.

    Art tells gorgeous lies that come true.

    Is it possible to create a SECRET THEATER in which both artist & audience
    have completely disappeared--only to re-appear on another plane, where life
    & art have become the same thing, the pure giving of gifts?

  • adapted and modified from T.A.Z