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The Process of Evolution
Everythin in the cosmos is evolving gradually, since their existance.

The minerals,mountains,rivers have their own life, In trees & plants you can see the primodial
urge to survive, they are not conscious of their existance, however they are alive.

Animals are conscious , but not self-conscious, Humans (supposedly ranking no.1 in the evolution
chart) are alive, conscious & self-conscious,(intellect) that differenciates them from others.
They can reflect on their actions & improve them.

Now , just for a moment , think that you are an ant, another miracle of creation.
How will you understand self-counsciousness?? How will you describe it with you limited
insect potential????.
Same way, Being a human how can you describe super-consciousness?
self-consciousness is not end all & for all,

Life---consciousness(of life)----self consciousness-super consciousness (which we call bliss/God)--...

We still need to evolve, no one knows where we are in the chart of evolution, anyway it really
dosent matter, comparison never helped, one step at a time.

The problem with humans is that they try and conceive & explain in the frame work of time & space.
They even havent understood the concept correctly, may be thats why they relate GOD(bliss) to space n time.
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